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ACT vs. SAT: How to Decide Which Test to Take. The goals of the ACT and SAT are the same: to gauge readiness for college.

How to Be Successful on the ACT or SAT – When it comes to the ACT vs. the SAT, both exams are widely accepted by U.S. colleges, which often prompts students to ask: Which test should I take? The answer to that question lies in understanding the differences between the two tests. Both college admissions exams remain popular even as the coronavirus pandemic has prompted many colleges to go test-optional and temporarily deemphasize these exams in admissions considerations. In the class of 2020, nearly 2. 2 million test-takers completed the SAT at least once while about 1. 7 million students took the ACT. It is unclear how many students took both, but experts say it is common for test-takers to do so. “More and more students in the last five to 10 years are taking both,” says Joe Korfmacher, a former counselor at a New York high school and current director of college counseling at a New York office of Collegewise, an admissions consulting company. The idea behind both exams is similar: to demonstrate college readiness. But despite similar aims, the tests vary in structure and timing as well as the content matter and scoring.

Video advice: Star Tutors ACT Series: TIMED ACT SCIENCE Test (74F) – Can Star Tutors get a PERFECT SCORE (36)?

If you’d like to print out your own version of the test and follow along with the video, please find practice test 74F here (starts on page 12 of the link):

How Many Questions are on the SAT Test?

The SAT test consists of 154 total questions. These questions are spread among three broad categories including Evidence-based Reading, Math, and Writing & Language. The Reading test involves 52 total…

To achieve a much better knowledge of your test scores, searching at the percentile can help you figure out how well you do based off of your family college admissions goals. The School Board may also give a score are convinced that can give understanding of which kind of test questions you missed and whether or not they were within the Sitting Studying test or Sitting math test portion.

  • Evidence-Based Reading
  • Types of Reading Questions to Expect on the SAT
  • Math Section
  • Types of Math Questions to Expect on the SAT
  • Writing & Language
  • Types of Writing & Language Questions to Expect on the SAT

The SAT reading section consists of 5 passages, each followed by around 10 questions pertaining to the information in the passage. The 5 passages consist of one classic or contemporary piece of literature, one U.S. historical passage, a social science section, and two physical science passages. The historical paper usually contains text from a U. S. founding document or text from the Great Global Conversation, such as a famous speech. The social science piece concerns topics such as psychology, economics, or sociology. Lastly, the two science passages survey foundational notions and progression in earth science, biology, chemistry, or physics. This section contains 52 questions in 65 minutes, meaning that there is approximately one minute per question if a student takes 2 minutes to read each of the 5 passages.

ACT vs SAT Tests: How Are They Different?

ACT vs. SAT: Which is better for international students? Learn about scoring, Reading, English and Math sections, choosing which exam to take and more.

  1. How Many Questions Are on the Reading Section of the ACT vs. SAT, and How Long Do I Have to Complete Them?
  2. Test prep tips
  3. What Types of Questions Are Asked on the Reading Section of the ACT vs. SAT?
  4. How Hard Are the Questions in the Reading Section of the ACT vs. SAT?
  5. Which Reading Section Is Better for Me: ACT or SAT?
  6. How Many Questions Are on the English Section of the ACT vs. the Writing and Language Section of the SAT Exam, and How Long Do I Have to Complete Them?
  7. What Types of Questions Are Asked on the Writing Section of the ACT vs. SAT?
  8. How Hard Are the Questions in the Writing Section of the ACT vs. SAT?
  9. Which Section Is Better for Me: ACT English or SAT Writing and Language?
  10. How Many Questions Are on the Math Section of the ACT vs. SAT Exam, and How Long Do I Have to Complete Them?

What Are the Differences Between the ACT and SAT Essay Sections?

ACT vs. SAT? When you apply to colleges and universities in the USA, you will often be required to take the ACT test or SAT exam. These exams are just one part of the college application process for international students (as well as for American students). When you submit your ACT or SAT exam scores with your college application, college admissions teams then use those scores as one way to measure your skills and college readiness.So, if you are asking “Should I take the SAT or ACT?,” read on to learn more — because the better you understand the differences between the ACT and SAT, the easier it will be to choose which test to take, set up your test registration, and start your test prep. ***November 19 updateThe COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in several changes to the SAT and ACT test processes. Here is what you need to know! ACT has decided to reopen selected test centers, while the College Board has open registrations to all students for the SAT. Reopened test centers are strictly following health measures to ensure your safety, including temperature checks, providing hand sanitizers, and requiring test takers to wear a face mask during the exam.

Video advice: SAT Science passage FULL WALKTHROUGH from a 1600 scorer

Let’s walk through a science passage from the first college board practice test! Here’s a link to the full test if you want to attempt it first:

How to Tackle the SAT Science Reading Passages

If the science passages on the SAT are a struggle for you, read this post to get tips for improving in this section!

Below are great tips that will help you get ready for the Sitting science passages. The sample questions here are taken from the CollegeBoard using their listing of freely available sources. We encourage you to look at these sources to understand the kinds of questions you’ll encounter.

  • Do you know how to improve your profile for college applications?
  • Summarize the information
  • Actively read
  • Pay attention to graphs, tables, and charts
  • Look at the organization of the passage
  • Try not to use prior knowledge
  • Skim the questions before reading the passage

What’s Covered:

Before we dive into the science section, we want to stress how important the SAT is for college admissions. Many selective colleges look at a metric called the Academic Index (AI) to assess an applicant’s strength. This statistic takes into account data like SAT/ACT scores and GPA, and many competitive schools will automatically reject applications with AIs that are too low. So, you should make sure you prioritize studying for the SAT in your college admissions process!

ACT vs SAT Differences, Comparison, & Study Tips

ACT or SAT: which test should you take? This resource provides a breakdown of each test, as well as some frequently asked questions to help you decide which is best for you.

Among the greatest benefits of using the Sitting or ACT may be the possibility to earn merit scholarships to help you invest in your educational costs. Although student educational funding will help you purchase college, the possibility to obtain a number of that covered through scholarships is definitely a good idea.

You’ve spent your whole life in school: taking tests, making projects, and slowly preparing for adulthood. But before you consider moving on to college and pursuing your undergraduate degree, there may be a big hurdle in your way: the standardized exam. While not all universities require standardized exams for entrance, there are many that do. Unfortunately, there are multiple exams at your disposal, and they each have different rules and outcomes depending on your expertise. How are you supposed to choose between the two?

ACT vs SAT: Key differences between the ACT and SAT

ABOUT THE ACT vs THE SAT The ACT continues to be the tried-and-true achievement exam that students, colleges, and states have known and trusted for more than 50 years. Gradual enhancements will expand the information we provide to students and schools, giving them a better, clearer map of the road to success. The (…)

The ACT remains the attempted-and-true achievement exam that students, colleges, and states have known and reliable in excess of half a century. Gradual enhancements will expand the data we offer to students and schools, providing them with a much better, clearer map of the direction to success.

On the ACT, you tackle each content area (English, Math, Reading and Science) in one big chunk, with the optional writing test at the end. On the SAT, the content areas (Critical Reading, Math and Writing) are broken up into 10 sections, with the required essay at the beginning. You do a little math, a little writing, a little critical reading, a little more math, etc. When choosing between the SAT and ACT, ask yourself if moving back and forth between content areas confuse you or keep you energized?

Today’s students can choose between these two exams. Learn how they differ and access free practice tests to see how you might score!

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ACT vs SAT: Which Test is Best for You? – One test is not better than the other, but one may be better for you. The guide below lays out the facts about the ACT vs the SAT.

Percent Correct*ACT**SAT***ACT to SAT scoresMath67% correct40/60=2639/58=62026 = 610/620Reading PLUS English/Writing Language67% correctR 27/40 = 23W 51/75 = 2222 + 23 = 45R 35/52 = 30W 29/44 = 2910(30+29) = 59045 = 570Science67% correct27/40 = 23N/AComposite/Sum Score(26+22+23+23)/4 = 24620+590 =121024 = 1180 (1160-1190) 1210 = 25.

  • The ACT’s Timing and Structure
  • The SAT’s Timing and Structure
  • Time Per Section: ACT vs SAT
  • Math
  • English and Writing and Language
  • Reading
  • Score Percentage Per Content Section
  • Example SAT to ACT Scores:
  • Months the ACT or SAT is Offered
  • Olive Book’s online ACT and SAT courses are all you need to boost your score. Check them out:

Video advice: ACT® Science Strategies: 3 Ways You Can Hack the Science Section

Taking the ACT® soon and not feeling so confident in the science section? Feeling anxious despite the fact that you’ve studied pretty hard, or maybe not at all? WELL, wherever you are in your ACT® Prep, here are 3 strategies while taking the ACT® Science Section to save time, choose the right answers, and improve your overall score!


Is the SAT or ACT harder?

Section Summary: Neither the SAT nor the ACT is harder than the other – but each test benefits a different type of student. It's essential that you figure out which test is best suited for you, so that you can achieve the highest scores possible.

What are the 3 sections on the SAT?

General Test Information


Three sections: Math, Reading, Writing

Three sections: Math, Reading, and Writing & Language

Composite score based on three scored sections: Math, Reading, and Writing

Composite score based on two scored sections: Math and Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing

What are the 5 sections of the SAT?

The SAT is a 3 hour 50 minute exam (including an optional essay which takes 50 minutes), consisting of five sections: Reading, Writing, Math (with calculator), Math (no calculator), and Essay (optional).

Is a score of 33 on the ACT good?

Is 33 a good ACT score? An ACT score of 33 makes you an eligible and competitive applicant at a majority of schools, as well as makes you qualified for a sizable amount of merit aid. Because of all of that, a 33 ACT score is definitely considered good!

Is it easier to get a 36 or a 1600?

Getting a 1600 on the SAT is harder than getting a 36 on the ACT. To get a perfect 1600 on the SAT, one has to get a perfect 800 on each of the two SAT sections. To get a perfect 36 on the ACT, in contrast, one has to get a score that can be rounded up to 36. For instance, 35.5 is equivalent to 36.

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